About Us

Persian American Society of Tampa Bay (PASTB) is a donor supported non-profit organization under Chapter 501 (c) (3) of IRS.

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We are a group of volunteers who strive to build a better community for Iranian Americans of Tampa Bay area by providing the means to celebrate our Persian heritage, pass along our cultural values to our children and to preserve them for future generations.

Persian American Society of Tampa Bay started as Persian Cultural Society of Florida in 1998. In April of 2008 the name was changed to Persian American Society of Tampa Bay to address, include and cherish our American heritage along side of our Persian ancestry.


PASTB’s mission is to:

Celebrate who we are, pass our heritage to future generations and give back to America as it has given to us.

PASTB strives to provide services to Iranian American community in the Tampa Bay area by:

  • Organizing Cultural and seasonal Celebrations.
  • Providing scholarships to students of Persian heritage.
  • Providing information via periodic newsletters and PASTB website.
  • Facilitating networking among Persian owned businesses.


PASTB is run by a Board of Directors.  Every two years, the members elect a minimum of five directors, who also serve as officers of the Society. Directors are elected by the majority vote of the members entitled to vote and present at the annual meeting or by proxy.

The term of office for each director is for two (2) years or until his successor has been duly elected. Each candidate can be elected for three consecutive terms.